M4100 Diagnostic Test System Insulation Analyzer


Doble Engineering M4100 Insulation Analyzer

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Diagnostic Test System for Power Apparatus Condition Assessment

Doble M4100 Insulation Analyzer is the world's premier power apparatus and insulation test instrument. Its unique combination of test capabilities and artificial intelligence analysis software makes it the power industry's most trusted Power Factor/Tan-Delta instrument. These instruments are used around the globe thanks to their comprehensive testing options, safety features and measurement accuracy.

What's the 4th Generation?

Doble continually updates and adds features to our equipment based on your testing needs. The latest features of the Doble M4100 4th Generation test set include:

  • Rugged Power Unit Module
  • High Accuracy Measurement Module
  • Doble Universal Controller interoperability
  • High Reliability Interface Module
  • Expanded DTA6 Software system & FRANK Artificial Intelligence Engine
  • GFIC Class B and RCBO Compatibility
  • Safety firmware and sensing system

Doble M4100 Diagnostic Capabilities

  • 12 kV Power Factor/Tan-Delta capacitance testing to assess insulation condition and dielectric loss
  • High stress and high accuracy 10 kV TTR with the dobleTTR Capacitor
  • Winding Leakage Reactance testing with the Doble M4110 to detect winding deformation or damage
  • 10 kV Single-Phase Excitation Current testing to detect degraded turn-to-turn insulation damage and magnetic circuit anomalies